The Great Santa Ana Drug Bust
TBJ-012, 2016, 3.00$

       "Flores captures the surveillance video's contents in a gritty, noirish, black-and-white illustrative style reminiscent of Charles Burns, Daniel Clowes and Raymond Pettibon. But the 31-year-old says his immediate influences are more mainstream—Jack Kirby, Dave Gibbons and George Perez—with a "clean" and documentary-like style placing his genre as creative nonfiction. "I want these stories to be remembered, so that's why I chose [to make] them," Flores says. "Although, it's not journalism; you should actually read the articles they came from.""

The Death of Kelly Thomas
TBJ-012, 2015, 3.00$,

"I wanted to make a comic about something that was relevant to me and my community," says comic book artist Felipe Flores. "I spend just about all of my time in Fullerton, so I was able to see the impact that the Kelly Thomas murder had made." 
Flores heads Trabajo Press, the La Mirada-based indie cassette tape label turned DIY zine. It released "The Death of Kelly Thomas" this month. The comic book is striking in how evocative the strips retell the story of what happened that fateful encounter on July 5, 2011 from the Slidebar call to the Fullerton police to the brutal beating Thomas suffered by them afterward. -OC WEEKLY

TBJ-010, 2014, 3.00$

They were once punk. Some still are. 
Portraits of Women who survived Punk Rock. Where are they now? What have they become? Do they regret their tattoos? What were their Punk Names? This zine is for all of you who drank Mickeys in the parking lot. 

TBJ-013, 2015, 3.00$

A mixtape come to life. First kisses and misfires. Taken from fond memories and regrets. Featuring songs from Ramones, New Order, Cosmonauts, The Audacity, Smashing Pumpkins and The Smiths. 

2015, 3.00$

A realistic depiction of characters from the Simpsons. 

2014, 3.00$

2014, 3.00$

2014, 3.00$

Trabajo Anarcho Comics

The Teenage Existential Super Villain Squad

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